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Selling sodium hydroxide and sodium methoxide in Iran

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Selling sodium hydroxide and sodium methoxide in Iran

 sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, caustic soda, and industrial degreaser are different names used for caustic soda; But what is sodium methoxide and sodium methoxide and what are its uses?

Sood Perak is considered one of the most practical industrial and chemical materials today, the most of which is used in the pharmaceutical, food and detergent industries. In the course of this article, we intend to introduce you to the benefits of Perak, how it is produced, its types, and the users of sodium methylate.

Selling sodium hydroxide and sodium methoxide in Iran

What is sodium hydroxide?

Baking soda or sodium hydroxide is a solid and white chemical substance with a melting temperature of 1390 degrees Celsius, a density of 2.13 and high corrosiveness, for which you must follow safety precautions. Sodium hydroxide is considered an alkaline substance that has a purity of 98 and 99% and is supplied in 1 kg and 25 kg packages in closed containers.

The chemical structure of baking soda is NaOH, and because of its high moisture absorption properties, it is also used as one of the best degreasers. One of the most important substances produced from this compound is sodium methoxide, which we will discuss further on its capabilities and properties.

Perk benefit profile

As we said, sodium hydroxide is a white, odorless and water absorbent substance. This substance produces an exothermic reaction, has a high pH value, and simply decomposes in water to release hydroxide ions and react with acids.

Sodium hydroxide also shows strong reactivity with various substances and can react in combination with all kinds of acids, amphoteric compounds and even some metals, leading to the release of hydrogen gas and the formation of certain salts. This material is primarily produced using the electrolysis of sodium chloride, which is also known as the chlorine-alkali process.

Types of sodium methoxide

Sodium methylate is marketed in both solid and liquid forms for various purposes and applications, and compounds such as sodium methoxide solution are also obtained from it.

Solid sodium methoxide

  • Granular form: This type of solid sodium methoxide is in the form of transparent, small, white, water-soluble granules that can be easily measured and controlled. These granules are generally produced in the laboratory for cleaning applications.
  • Flaky or flake form: similar to the granular type, this model is also easily dissolved in water and used in similar applications. Of course, the flake form is sometimes preferred over the granular model due to its special features such as faster dissolution.

  • Powdered form: The powdered form of sodium methoxy is usually used in applications such as soap production, and for its use, accurate measurements are required. It should be noted that sodium methoxide solution is produced from solid sodium methylate.

Liquid sodium methoxide

The liquid form of sodium methoxide is produced for use in certain industries. The dilute solution of this substance is mostly used as a cleaner for household purposes, and its thicker solution is mostly used to produce the necessary chemicals in water treatment facilities.

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Dangers of sodium hydroxide

We have already said that baking soda has caustic and corrosive properties and when it dissolves in water or some liquids, it releases toxic fumes that can be very dangerous for humans. Sodium hydroxide is also very reactive and can be dangerous if it comes into contact with certain substances, including acids.

On the other hand, due to the release of high heat, this substance can potentially cause an explosion. Also, the reaction of baking soda with some metals can lead to the release of flammable hydrogen gas. So, if you work with this substance, be sure to follow the safety precautions.

Selling sodium hydroxide and sodium methoxide in Iran

Applications of sodium hydroxide

Baking soda, as a functional chemical compound and a powerful base, is considered a very important ingredient in the degreasing process; But some of the most important uses of sodium hydroxide are:

  1. Production of sodium methoxide in the production process of bioethanol and biodiesel

  2. Production of special chemicals, for use in the production of paints and medicines
  3. Degreasing of various food processing equipment
  4. Removing heavy metals, neutralizing acidic waters and adjusting the PH level in the water purification process
  5. Eliminating unwanted impurities and pollutants in the production and refining of petroleum products such as oil and fuel
  6. Removal of impurities and fiber oil in the textile industry
  7. Production of all kinds of household detergents and cleaners, laundry detergents and even industrial detergents

Sodium methoxide

Sodium methoxide, whose other name is sodium methylate, is one of the most important substances that can be prepared from sodium hydroxide. This substance is used as a catalyst to improve edible fats and oils in the production of medicines and other chemicals.

The chemical composition of sodium methoxide, which is known by the formula CH3Ona, is a useful substance in various industries and laboratories, and when it is dissolved in ether, it can lead to the production of a suspension.

To produce this substance, certain amounts of solid sodium hydroxide are mixed with methanol, and after stirring this mixture, solid impurities that have settled are removed. In the following, we discuss some of the most important uses of sodium methylate:

  • This substance is used as a base and reagent in organic chemistry.

  • Sodium methylate is used in the synthesis of drugs and chemicals used in agriculture.

  • As a nucleophile, this material is also used in the production of methyl ethers.

  • Sodium methoxide is used in the production of biodiesel, where it plays a catalytic role for converting triglycerides into biofuels.

  • In pharmaceuticals, this material is used to produce vitamins B1, A1, trimethoprim, sulfadiazine, sulfadoxine, sulfamethoxypyridazine and some other cases.

  • Sodium methoxide is also used as an oral catalyst.

  • This material is also used in the synthesis of sulfadiazine, sulfamethoxazole, sulfa synergist and similar cases.

  • It is also used in perfumery, dyeing, textile and chemical fiber production industries.

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