Mahmud Abad industrial town, Qom, Iran
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شرکت ماوی گستران زمین

sodium methoxide powder

Sodium methoxide solution (purity 30%)

sodium hydroxide

Di Octyl Phthalate (DOP)

About marcochem

Mava Gostaran Zamin Company was founded in 1377 by Dr. Memarian to work in construction projects such as road, building, and dam building.
In the 1980s and 1990s, he expanded his business in the construction industry under the title of Memarian Construction Group in Tehran.
In the late nineties, for the development of the country’s industry, he invested in production projects and established a production sub-set in Mahmudabad industrial town.
The complex, located in Mahmudabad Industrial Town, currently produces and exports under two brands, Narco Decor for decorative building products and Marco Chemicals for chemical products.

Our Products

Manufacturer of sodium methoxide and sodium hydroxide in Iran

Marco Chemicals is one of the largest manufacturers of soda ash in Iran, and the sale of sodium methoxide and sodium hydroxide, as well as the sale of DOP oil, are among the activities and services of this group.

The production of perk soda in Marko is done with 99% purity and it can be sent to all places.



Chemical Formula of Sodium Methoxide: NaOCH3 Other names: Sodium Methylate, Sodium Salt Appearance: White Crystalline Powder Sodium methoxide, also known as sodium methylate, is an inorganic compound composed of sodium and methoxide ions with the chemical formula NaOCH3. It is a colorless to yellowish-brown liquid that is highly soluble in water and is commonly used in various industries as a strong base, a catalyst, and a chemical intermediate

Uses of Sodium Methoxide

it can be used for processing edible oils and fats and also in the preparation of some other chemical products

Mava Gostaran Zamin - Marco Chemicals

Top producer of sodium methoxide, sodium methoxide solution, sodium methylate powder and baking soda

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