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What is liquid soda or caustic soda?

22 June 2024 35 Views No Comments
What is liquid soda or caustic soda?

Liquid soda is one of the most widely used materials in various industries. This material is also used in solid form in industries. In fact, the liquid and solid state of soda have different properties that make their uses different.

Liquid soda is sometimes called caustic soda. Today, with the advancement of technology, this chemical substance is produced in both solid and liquid form in Iran.

In this article, we are going to talk about liquid soda or sodium hydroxide and discuss the difference between dry soda and liquid soda. If you intend to buy sodium hydroxide in Iran, stay with us until the end of the article.

The difference between perk profit and liquid profit

Various methods such as membrane method, mercury cell method, etc.

are used to produce profit. Perk soda, which is also known as caustic soda, has differences with liquid soda. Obviously, the first difference between the two is the solid and liquid state of soda.

Another difference is in their purity percentage. You can get liquid soda in the market with two purity percentages of 50 and 30. These percentages mean that, for example, 50% of liquid sodium hydroxide is water.

This is while soda ash is in a solid state and with the loss of water, its purity increases to about 99%. Due to the different percentage of purity, these two materials are used in different cases.

Liquid soda looks very similar to water. This liquid is exactly like water, completely colorless, odorless and transparent in the market. While, Sood Perak has a white scaly state. Both forms of baking soda have the chemical formula NaOH and both dissolve in water, but baking soda takes longer to dissolve in water.

Usually, chemical tankers are used to transport liquid soda.

The profit is poured into steel tanks and transported by special tankers; Of course, 220 liter barrels can also be used to transfer liquid sodium hydroxide.

25 kg bags are used for packaging and moving the perk profit. This standard is the same for the transfer of perk interest in all countries of the world.


An overview of the properties of soda ash and liquid soda

Various types of soda, sodium methylate, sodium sulfate and other chemicals are widely used in the industry due to their properties.

Caustic soda is a very strong base that has a high power in breaking down fat; For this reason, in case of contact with the body, it causes a lot of burning and destruction of cellular tissue. In addition to water, this substance also dissolves well in glycerin and alcohol. If the liquid soda is in an environment with extreme heat or is hit, the soda container will explode.

The difference between the price of perk profit and liquid profit

When buying sodium hydroxide, you should pay attention to the price and quality of the material. It is obvious that the lower the purity percentage of the material, the lower its price will be. When buying, ask the seller to provide you with complete information so that you can buy the right product that suits your needs; For example, the purity percentage of profit for domestic use is different from industrial use such as paper industry, as a result, they will be very different from each other in terms of price.

Differences in application

The difference in the properties of liquid soda and powdered soda makes these two materials have different applications. The reaction rate of liquid soda is higher than that of dry soda because of its greater mobility. The dissolution rate of soda ash is slower than that of liquid soda and therefore, it needs more time to react with other substances.

What is liquid soda or caustic soda?

In processes that require the addition of a precise dose of sodium hydroxide, liquid soda is mostly used; Therefore, it can be said that liquid soda is mostly used for mixing and diluting materials in various chemical processes.

Perc soda is suitable for processes in which direct solid reactants are used; Therefore, it can be said that soda ash is suitable for direct addition in chemical processes.

Difference in maintenance

Another thing that makes the difference between solid and liquid soda is how to store them. When buying and selling sodium hydroxide, you should pay attention to some tips for better storage of the material.

Liquid soda should be placed in a cool and well-ventilated place, while in order to store perc soda, you must place it in a dry place.

Both substances can be kept at room temperature because they do not freeze at room temperature; But as we have mentioned, the storage environment for Perk profit must be free of moisture; Otherwise, the profit becomes lumpy.

last word

Today, sodium methoxide, sodium sulfate and various types of soda are widely used in various industries.

In this article, we talked comprehensively about the properties of profit and the difference between liquid profit and perc profit. By reading this article, you can choose a more suitable product according to your needs when buying. Mavi Gostran Zemin Company is one of the largest producers of sodium hydroxide in Iran.

This large company has the capacity to produce 5000 tons of sodium methoxide and hydroxide. In this collection, sodium hydroxide is sold with the highest quality and affordable price. You can visit to buy sodium hydroxide at Mavi Gostaran Zemin collection.

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