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What is sodium sulfate? Marco Chemicals

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 is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid. And if you are dealing with chemicals and want to know more about sodium salt, stay with us until the end of this article and read other articles about sodium sulfate uses and how to make and prepare sodium sulfate.

Sodium sulfate is in solid form with the following formula:

If this substance is without water, it is formed in the form of white crystals with the formula Na2SO4, which is also called thenardite.

If water is added to this substance or if it is watered to the formula Na2SO4·10H2O, it becomes a decahydrate, which is also called Glauber’s salt.

Another solid form of this material is heptahydrate (Na2SO4·7H2O), which is one of the most widely used chemical substances with an annual production of more than 6 million tons.

What is sodium sulfate? Marco Chemicals

What is the form of sodium sulfate?

Sodium sulfate is one of the metallic salts of sulfuric acid, which can be seen in the form of powder and large transparent crystals (depending on whether it is anhydrous or aqueous). If this material is in close proximity to air, it will split and lose the water that caused it to crystallize.

How to get sodium sulfate and what is its use?

Sodium sulfate is used in the production of detergents and paper pulp, which is found in nature in the form of decahydrate.

  • Thenardite sodium sulfate with the formula Na2SO4
  • Sodium sulfate decahydrate with the formula Na2SO4·10H2O
  • Sodium sulfate heptahydrate with the formula (Na2SO4·7H2O) Glauber’s salt
  • Sodium sulfate is found in nature…

Sodium sulfate is one of the constituents of mineral waters such as sea water and it is interesting to know that this substance is also present in atmospheric precipitation and is one of the main solutions found in snow and rain.

Most of the lakes of Shurdania and our own Iran have different amounts of sodium sulfate. This material is chemically very stable and resistant.

Sodium sulfate is found as a mineral in nature or is produced as a by-product of industrial processes, and Marco Chemicals is one of the largest producers of sodium sulfate in Iran.

Sodium sulfate ranks among non-toxic chemicals under normal conditions and has many industrial applications.

This material with different grade and purity is used in different industries such as glass making, pharmaceuticals, weaving, detergents, etc. It has many uses.

What is sodium sulfate? Marco Chemicals

Online purchase of sodium sulfate

In order to buy sodium sulfate online or online, you can contact our experts at Marco Chemicals through the numbers listed on the site to get complete guidance and advice about the price of sodium sulfate or how to buy it.

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Properties of sodium sulfate

  • Non-toxic substance
  • Very chemically stable
  • Ability to dissolve in water
  • Insoluble in alcohol
  • humidity absorber

Get to know the types of sodium sulfate

  1. Aqueous sodium sulfate

Mirabilit is another name for the aqueous grade of sodium sulfate, which is found in nature as an aqueous salt. Its aqueous form is represented by the symbol 10H2O Na2SO4.

2. Anhydrous sodium sulfate

Thenardite or anhydrous sodium sulfate, which is another type of this product, and its appearance is white crystals. Its anhydrous or dry form is indicated by the symbol Na2SO4.

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Application of sodium sulfate in industry

  • Animal feed
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Glass industries
  • Detergent and cleaning powder industries
  • Weaving and dyeing industries
  • Military industry, photography, sodium sulfur
  • Paper industry (kraft paper)

Safety of sodium sulfate

Note that although sodium sulfate is known as a non-toxic substance, it should be used with care.

Its dust can lead to temporary asthma or eye damage, but it can be easily avoided with eye protection or a mask.

Its transportation is not restricted and it is not included in the safety and protection list.

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