What is liquid soda or caustic soda?

Liquid soda is one of the most widely used materials in various industries. This material is also used in solid form in industries. In fact, the liquid and solid state of soda have different properties that make their uses different. Liquid soda is sometimes called caustic soda. Today, with the advancement of technology, this chemical […]

Selling sodium hydroxide and sodium methoxide in Iran

 sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, caustic soda, and industrial degreaser are different names used for caustic soda; But what is sodium methoxide and sodium methoxide and what are its uses? Sood Perak is considered one of the most practical industrial and chemical materials today, the most of which is used in the pharmaceutical, food and detergent […]

What is the use of sodium sulfate?

The use of sodium sulfate in the detergent industry If you want to know what are the useful features of sodium sulfate, stay with us until the end of the article: High cleaning ability is one of the applications of sodium methoxide Tendency to react at high temperatures Neutrality of sodium sulfate at low temperature […]

Produce sodium hydroxide in Iran

Baking soda or sodium hydroxide as well as sodium methoxide are chemicals that are used in many industries. Today, many companies in Iran are active in the field of soda perc production, of which Marco Chemicals is considered one of the largest. Sood Perak producer in Iran Perak production in Iran was not taken seriously […]

What is sodium sulfate? Marco Chemicals

 is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid. And if you are dealing with chemicals and want to know more about sodium salt, stay with us until the end of this article and read other articles about sodium sulfate uses and how to make and prepare sodium sulfate. Sodium sulfate is in solid form with the […]

What is sodium methoxide? Marco Chemicals Co

What is sodium methoxide? Sodium methoxide (in English: Sodium methoxide) with the chemical formula CH3NaO is a chemical compound with Pubcom ID 10942334. whose molar mass is 54.02. The appearance of this compound is a white solid. ۲NaOH + 2CH2 → ۲CH3ONa In this part of the article, we prefer to fully explain sodium methoxide to […]